Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Stop- Sweet Sacremento, then Greece!!!!!!

Okay, so it's been a month since I've written and let me tell you - This has been a whirl-wind 2 months for us...we started selling at the Beehive, then we were picked up by Rufflebutts and NOW--I am so happy to say that EBHC will be going to "Tangles for Kids" in Sweet Sacremento and then, to "" in Greece!  We are so excited to be selling at new stores, but to be selling at 2 more new stores is just amazing!

Let me first tell you about "Tangles for Kids".  TfK is a children's hair salon devoted to making sure kids enjoy their haircuts, look fabulous and have fun!  And let me tell you, coming from a Mom who had to strap her son down while he screamed and cried his head off during haircuts- this place sounds like heaven for Moms and Kids.   They even have a Glamour Day Spa...what salon do you know has that for kids???   Where was Tangles for Kids when I was growing up, LOL.  My hair stylist was my mother using a ruler and scissors to cut my hair in the kitchen.  My hair was mangled by my Mother!  Sorry Mom, but I looked like a Chinese Peppy Long Stocking after my haircuts and your styling.  I still have nightmares about them!  hahaha...Anyways, Tangles have just moved and opened up their new salon located in Roseville, CA and all you Northern Californians should get out there and check it out! Take your baby for his/her "First HairCut" and recieve a certificate and a lock of hair before/after the cute is that!  And don't forget to pick up a clippy too!  Thank you Tangles for letting us be a part of your new salon!

And now let me tell you about "" in Greece...did I mention it was in Greece??  Greece, Greece, Greece, LOL...I'm obsessed with Greece more so than ever.  I've never been to Greece, but it is definately on our list of places to visit.  Actually, we were invited to a wedding a few years ago to Thessaloniki, Greece from one of our dear old College buddies.  (You know who you are!!!) But unfortunately,  we couldn't make was so upsetting to miss his wedding because he's not only our college buddy, but he's my husband's frat brother and also someone we pretty much grew up with.  I did get to meet his wife though and she is such a lovely woman.  Five years later, we still haven't made it out to Greece, but now I can at least say I will be going out there in spirit through my clippies, LOL...YES, EBHC will be sold in Greece by a super sweet woman who is the creator and owner of "".   Her site sells only the top named baby brands, like pediped, rufflebutts, thinkbaby, etc and for her to choose us as one of her products is such an amazing compliment.  She's smart and easy going- no wonder why she's so successful...she'll also be featured in Parent's Magazine!  She's truly an inspiration-  a young Mom of a little boy and owner of one of the fastest growing eshops in Greece!  So thank you efkharistó!!  We are so happy to be a part of your e-store!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Secret is Out! EBHC & Rufflebutts- the cutest butts in town!!!

EllaBellaHairClippies- Bold Burst Clippy
Bold Burst RuffleButt Bikini

The cats out of the bag...I can finally share our great news.  EBHC is now creating an exclusive line of hair clippies for Rufflebutts!  We'll be making your little girl the cutest butt in town, LOL!!! 
I'm sure you've all  have heard of Rufflebutts, but if you haven't, let me tell you a little bit about them.  The creator and CEO of Rufflebutts, Amber Schaub- who is not only a sweetheart, but a brilliant self made woman who has created the most adorable bootie cover in the market.  Her clothing and bloomers can be seen on the little babies and little girls of Hollywood's Elite.  They are a favorite amongst the stars like Denise Richards, Ali Landry, Kim Porter, Jodi Sweetin and many more.  They've even appered on the Ellen DeGeneres show when she gave a pair of Rufflebutts to Jessica Alba.   And just yesterday, they were worn by American Idol contestant, Michael Lynche's newborn baby girl.  Her ruffled bootie was shown on TV during his departure. 

Rufflebutts is truly an enterprise gracing the top baby magazines regularly...these ruffles are just so darn cute.  I've been a fan of them long before I started creating clippies for them.  So I know first hand how adorable they are.  Ella has 2 of her ruffled swimsuits that she wore to our Atlantis vacation and pretty much half their clothing line!!!  My son calls her the "Rufflebutt girl", LOL...Needless to say,  for EBHC to be mentioned in the same breath as Rufflebutts is truly an honor!  Now to create an exclusive line for words can say how amazing this feels.  I love endorsing a product I like, but to endorse a product that I love, and then work with them, to me, is called success.  So check out our clippies on her website but remember, they can only be purchased through Rufflebutts...they're made to match rufflebutts...and definately, check out the Rufflebutts' bloomers and clothing...I guarantee your little princess will be the cutest butt in town! 

We'll soon add a link and some more of our Rufflebutts matching clippies on our website later this week.  But for now, here are some pictures...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Craft Fairs, Clippies and HeadBands, Oh My!

When I first started EBHC, I said I would never do a craft fair because of all the work it entails.  Well, as some of you know I will be partaking in my 4th craft fair this weekend, LOL.  I have to say, it's always so much fun.  I get to meet great Moms and most importantly put a smile on a little girl's face.  That's why I love having this side business.  I love that what I do brings smiles and happiness to the Moms and little girls.  There's nothing better than knowing that some little girl will adorn one of my clippies with a proud smile.   So no matter how much hard work and no matter how much time it takes, its all worth it...

My daughter just started to take notice of the clippies in her hair...and now, every morning she picks one out for herself...sometimes two, LOL..she may not always coordinate with her outfit, but she knows what she likes and what makes her smile...for some reason she is drawn to the clips that bling...(she must get that from her father, haha)...she loves the gems and glitters...the new clippies for the craft fair has alot of bling to it and its such a challenge keeping her from getting her little hands on's so cute to see this little girl who can barely talk reaching for clippies and then motioning for me to put the clip in her's almost surreal because not too long ago, she was this little baby who could barely roll over and now she's evolved into a toddler running around wearing everyone's shoes,  jibber jabbering all through the house with 2-3 hair clippies in her hair, LOL and making decisions...She's become my "go to baby" for when I need to know if the clippy I made is cute enough for both little girls and Mommies...

Here are some pics of the new clippies that will be sold exclusively (for now) at the craft fair...we'll list them soon on our website...

Personalized Hot Pink Polkadot can have your little girl's initials on her bow clippy...

Personalized Baby Pink Polkadot Bow with shocking pink initials

Glittery Pink and Yellow Floral

Clippy Sets- Red and Black florals with a luscious black stitch base

Yellow & Blue Florals with our silky blue stitch base...Mommy & Me Set- Perfect for Mother's Day

Baby Blue Florals- Mommy & Me Clippies

Butterfly Gem Clippy Set

Monday, April 19, 2010

Momma Bear...Friend or Foe?

At one point in time in Motherhood, the Momma Bear fury inside of us comes out and when she does, we must beware.  We've all been through it...protective know what I am talking about.

Kids go through childhood making good friends with whom they play, grow and learn with and unfortunately at times, pick on. And when that child is your child- the one who gets picked on- oh man, Momma Bear can be fierce when let loose...but its up to us as adults to do the right thing- to calm the animal and tame the wild bear. But at that moment, you can't help but to feel the rage.  What do you do? The hurt your child feels, the anger you do you fix it?  How do you make it better for your child without over reacting? All you want to do is scream and yell...just blast everyone...but you can't act that way in front of your child.  So you become torn.  You want retribution; but, that doesn't resolve much other than teaching them that retaliation and revenge is the proper we ponder, do we tell the children to never play or speak again? Or do we allow this to continue...

I've been exposed to both ends of the stick...our son was picked on and my son picked on another boy...I got to see what it felt like from both sides...luckily, my son's friends are overall good kids.  None of them are bad spiritied and they all are well intentioned. It's the Momma Bear that really causes the unfortunately, the Momma Bear of the child my son picked on, didn't handle things well.  Instead of trying to work things out with the boys, she retaliated.  The boys are no longer playmates.  We as parents feel horrible about what our kids do to others because we feel that it's a reflection on us and most importantly we failed in teaching our child right from wrong.  It's even worse when this type of behavior is uncharacteristic of them.  So now we feel as if our child has been misunderstood and not given the chance to make things right.  It's not often that my son picks on anyone, but inevitably it I fault her...shame on her for not allowing us to make it right.  Shame on her for teaching her children to hold grudges.  Shame on her for not giving a child another chance...especially when they call each other friends...

But then the tables are son was the one who got picked on, by 2 sets of kids son is now the one overcome with sadness...should I choose to enrage myself?  Let the "ani-mal" inside me take over...LOL...I contemplated and this Momma Bear chose to protect but be open to making things right- as friends should do...I confronted the parents gingerly.  With that,  I was so amazed by their response.  The parents completely stepped up to the plate and they did right by everyone!  It was almost like an after school special or something- it put the Brady kids to shame...they came straight over to the house and brought their boys with them.  They had them talk to my little guy to make things right. The kids worked it out.  Moreover, the parents of other boy who picked on my son even suggested to schedule a playdate (one on one) so that the boys can try to get to know each other better and mend.  After what these kind parents did for my son, it made me appreciate them more as people and realize how fortunate I am to call them friends...I have an even deeper respect for them...These Momma Bears did good!   Kudos to you!  Most importantly, all the boys learned a great lesson...including my son...
- All of us have Momma Bears in us...we all need to protect our children, having the Momma Bear instinct is good but it also can work to your detriment -

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paradise, Paradise, Paradise!!!

Atlantis...Paradise Island...there's a reason why they call it that...what can I say...we had the time of our was wonderful, scenery was gorgeous, food was delicious...what more can we ask for.  Everyone was happy and enjoyed husband had his fill of cigars, I got to adorn myself and Ella in resort wear and EBHC clippies- (so much fun to wear our resort florals). I even had my son in florals too...well, no I didn't, but at least I tried.  My husband was not having it...Instead, his semi golf attire was worked well for him...his highlight of Atlantis was the speedway your own race car on site and race away against other players to win the Gold metal...I have to say, this vacation did good for everyone! I have to pat myself on the back for picking the place.  I was right on the money! 

Okay, okay, I did goof up just a little bit...I didn't follow up on reapplying enough sunscreen on my son.  He ran off with his new found friends and I forgot to apply more... So now, my little guy has a rosy complexion...whom am I kidding, I burnt the poor child!  His nose is as red as Rudolph's and his back is the color of a lobster! I'm such a bad Mom.  Needless to say,  the next day I put him in a t-shirt and bought a $30 bottle of SPF 55 lotion (we ran out) and slathered the boy up every hour so he wouldn't char even more, LOL.  How awful was that for him...He's better he says, "Mommy, you fixed me!" (and YES, suntan lotion costs $30- Holy ****!!!!!) Things don't run cheap in Atlantis, let me tell ya...I almost lost it when I found out a large bag of fritos cost $8!!! But regardless...the trip was worth every penny! Atlantis is definately a must do again!  It lives up to their hype and I am glad to say- I think we found our yearly vacation spot.

And now here we are, back's back to reality for all of us...back to school, back to work, and back to our normal routines- get up at 5am and come home by 6pm... 

On a brighter note...EBHC has a lot in store for the Spring and Summer...we have a little surprise going on but I can't tell anyone just yet...I'm so excited, but I have to keep it hush until the time is right...either way, its great news and I can't wait to share it with all of you...I'm sure you all already saw that we posted our Ballerina Collection, new florals and more Fun & Novelty Clippies- Ice Cream and Cupcakes...!!!  Check it out...!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saint Patty's Day - The Social Table

Every Year on St. Patrick's Day, I ask, "Can I still wear green even though I'm not Irish?"  And what I love about the great ole' USofA is- why the heck not!  We're a melting pot!  Now if only I can my boss to give me the Jewish holidays off even though I am Catholic --Yeah, not happening, LOL...So this Asian girl was wearing Green and of course, I brought my green clippy to match.  I'm McEllaBella or O'EllaBella for St. Patty's Day, LOL...and to melt this pot even further, we had a French bistro dinner!  Where may you ask?  Well,  THE SOCIAL TABLE , it's a cooking class/ dinner where you get together at a table in a beautiful gourmet kitchen with a professional Chef teaching you how to make a sumptuous meal.  Basically, you cook, eat, drink and laugh!  Our class was hosted by founder and owner of the Social Table, Rebecca Goldfarb.  Rebecca was absolutely amazing...She's an Art history major turned Culinary Chef from Le Cordon Bleu (SF)!!  Rebecca had the night filled with smiles and great food!!!  Her lively attitude and humorous ways was so delightful which definately broke the ice for all of us since we were in a small and intimate setting.  The class only allows for 6-8 people or 3-4 couples.  So, you basically get to know each other fast!  We had such a nice crowd--and, she got my husband to COOK!!!  We had the best time and will definately be back for more dinners!  And of course, we loved Rebecca too.  I mean what's not to love about a woman who guotes Julia Child on her website, LOL and it doesn't hurt that she's a So Cal native like my husband.  All in all, going to that class was one of the best nights we've had in a long time.   It's BYOB, but for me, as you know I am cutting calories-- it was BYOCZ- bring your own coke zero ( I know, it doesn't make sense when I'll be devouring butter, cream and chocolate)... But, it's the sentiment of dieting that counts right?  ;-)  I still snuck in a glass of Reisling...

Anways, the menu was outrageous.  We made Classic Ratatouille, Chicken with Carmelized Onions & Cognac Cream Sauce, Gruyere Mash Potatoes Gratin and finally, (drum roll, please)  Pots de Creme!!!!  I had no idea what that was.  But let me tell you, this is one dessert everyone has to try and its sooo easy to make.  It's this rich, creamy, chocolatey, bowl of oh so delicious-ness topped with fresh whipped cream!!!  (So for my next dinner party with friends, and you know who you are, this is your menu!!!)  My picture didn't come out great, but it was a sight for sore eyes...For all you chocolate lovers out there, its a must have dessert!  It's Pots de Chocolat Ciel!!  (sorry, I took Spanish in College, not French, so if I get the translation wrong, ooops!!!)  Here are some pics of our great night! Kudos to The Social Table!  Check out Rebecca's website and different menus! 

Thanks, Rebecca!!!  I'm coming back hungrier this class- From the Sea...

Pots De Creme!!
( This picture doesn't do it justice!!!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Beautiful Colors of Lilly

As some of you know, I'll be heading out to Atlantis in a month.  I've never been to the Bahamas...ahhh, the beautiful beaches, clear waters, white sands and most importantly that 50 foot water slide...can't wait!  I've already started packing, LOL, and of course, shopping!  So this weekend, my wonderful husband had the BEST surprise for me!  He decided to take the kids and do all the errands to let me shop, ALONE!!!  Can you imagine shopping without the kids!!!  So of course, I wasn't going to pass that up...I was like an eager screaming child who couldn't wait for their turn, "OKAY, OKAY!"  And to top this off...I was going to the infamous lower level of the Westchester Mall...but this lower level is far from lower level...its the "Heaven of all Levels" in the mall...this level has Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, basically, the creme of the creme!  I mean, its no South Coast Plaza or Fashion Island, but its good enough.

As he pulled up to the entrance, I get out of the car, waved goodbye to my 2 babies and my darling husband and I thought to myself, "Here I am."  I just couldn't believe the difference it makes to shop alone vs. family shopping, the feeling of relaxation and calmness...nonetheless, I walk down these prestine aisles and gaze into these big beautiful stores...I even found myself plastered against the window, griping on to my wallet and saying to myself- BUDGET, must stay within my BUDGET!!!  LOL...I finally peel myself away and find myself in front of one of my favorite stores...Lilly Pulitzer!  Resort Heaven.  I literally can hear the Calypso music as I walk in.  It would have been even more perfect if they had Mai Tais or Strawberry Daquiries for everyone who came in the store.   The best place to go if you just want to feel like you are going to the Carribean or someplace fabulous.  I looked around and it was just perfect...florals, pinks, turquoise, greens, and they even had some of course, I couldn't help myself and tried on half the store to finally pick out the perfect Mommy and Minnie outfit...and a Maxi dress for just Mommy...I would have picked out family matching outfits, but I know my husband would not have it...he'd kill me if I put him in floral shorts along with his son, I dare not...I just stuck with me and my daughter, who has no say in what she wears at this point...I chose Lilly's, Hotty Pink She's a Piston Shift dress for me and my daughter.  How corney am I?  But I just love it...I'm so excited to see how Ella will look!  And of course, I had to make a clippy to match the outfit, but, a clippy just won't work for this I decided to make a headband instead...this dress needed a gorgeous floral...and here it is...It's a lush Hot Pink Floral with sequins and beaded stitching on our crochet head band- I'm calling it Resort Florals .   I may even have to make one for myself.  I mean, where else can I wear this and not look ridiculous wearing her daughter's clips/headbands!  Either way, Paradise here we come!  Thanks Lilly!

Here are some pictures of the dress and headband.  What do you think?  Would love to hear your thoughts...(just select comment and post away!)

This is the Turquoise Lovie Maxi Dress (Sear Chin) I will be sporting in Paradise...

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